Hola people 🙂

You must be wondering why my post is called “The Beginning” well this is a special post.

Am very proud to have started my career from world’s most iconic Financial District

“Wall Street”


I started my career almost 5.5yrs ago walking on the same streets and getting used to  fast paced culture for which New York is famous for 🙂 I loved everything it had to offer right from fashion to food to people. Sometimes there would be no time to even glance to what the street had to offer. Well to start with I was a naive girl who was going through some challenges and that was my “Work It” moment which I believe was not easy!Am very grateful for having this Opportunity. It’s always in your hands on what you make out of it.

I have grown a lot from that day and above picture reflects that! 🙂

Its the same person but with lot of life lessons, experiences and memories that have made me who I am today a stong, independent, confident woman with dreams to fulfill.



I know it got little serious there ….but to lighten up my boss once asked me what I loved about my work and with no thinking blurted “I love walking on Wall Street ,feels very powerful “. He was laughing 😀

Though my project was a very short one have carried the “Wall Street Girl” look to all the places where I have worked.So I was the City Girl wherever my work took me and am glad was able to inspire few during my journey.


Was very excited when my vision of going back and doing a photoshoot in Wall Street finally materialized.

Coming back to the look its a typical 9 to 5 look and one of my favourites!Its winter and berry is the color of the season and navy blue is the perfect foundation color. Its actually a dress even my mom asked me like others if it was a Skirt and a blouse. The dress gives a little bit of scottish vibe but I love it. The Blazer adds sophistication to the dress.

I wanted to use only 2 colors so added the bag of same color. I have received a lot of compliements for the bag and yes its an ideal bag for 9 to 5. The feature that stands out is its structure which makes it very professional. Its a bit heavy if you don’t mind it carrying 😉



The Shoes are trendy block suede heels which completes the look. I love heels but pointy ones hurt but these are so much better.

Having this shoot during a holiday season has made it little more cheery 😀

PS: This blog post is called ” The Beginning” for another reason too. My photographer and good friend Henrietta has moved to different state to pursue her higher studies. I am very happy for her and thankful for being part of my blogging journey.

So please welcome Sarah Kuszelewicz @shk.photo and am happy how the shoot turned out and edits too. It was lovely working with you and look forward for more.

Want to end this post by saying that I will always be a “Wall Street Girl” from heart! ❤

Outfit Details:

Dress:Armani Exchange , Blazer : LOFT

Shoes: Vince Camuto , Bag: Kate Spade, Watch: Micheal Kors

PC: @shk.photo






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